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Our Vission and Mission

Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent efforts.

Ensuring High quality products with efficient and competitive prices to our customers, providing the best after sales services and ensuring their satisfaction in the use of our products.

Productivity and efficiency can be achieved only step by step with sustained hard work, relentless attention to details and insistence on the highest standards of quality and performance.

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Our Office

Multi Commodity International Ltd. The Bellagio Mall OG No. 26 Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E 4.3 Jakarta Selatan - 12950 Indonesia PHONE +62 21 300 66777 FAX +62 21 300 66554

Factory :

Jl. Pertahan 68 Dusun-11 Desa Sigara gara Kec. Patumbak Kab Deli Serdang Belawan Medan Indonesia

About Us

responsive screensMulti Commodity International Ltd is an Established Soap manufacturing Factory & Palm oil Refinery based in Indonesia. Holding a capacity of 14,000 tons / Month for Soap Manufacturing and 9000 tons for Oil Refinery, MCI has been able to penetrate the market in most countries around the Globe. - We have stood with our commitment in terms of providing our customers with Exclusive quality in a very competitive pricing.

We have ventured our products to Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceanian countries. With the great hard work of our team, we now have a solid brand base in most countries around the globe.

Through our research and development program, MCI has been able to actively engage and expand. With the use of our advanced and well integrated Refinery, we are also able to supply Cooking Oil & Margarine as well as Shortening for Dairy / Biscuit and Chocolate factories around the world.

Multi Commodity International Ltd displays varying degrees of Competence in terms of Pricing, Service and Supply of Products.
This has lead to a strong distribution networking around the globe. Our networking are the roots from which transforms MCI to the front line, being as one of the world's major suppliers for Soaps, Cooking Oil and Palm Oil products.


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Contact Details

The Bellagio Mall OG No. 26 Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E 4.3 Jakarta Selatan - 12950 Indonesia